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Punta Fuego / Maya Maya, Batangas

Punta Fuego and Maya Maya are a good day-sailing distance South of Subic Bay – about 50 miles – and offer a good stopover, especially in the northeast monsoon season (November to May). This area is mostly visited during the northeast monsoon but is a little exposed during the southwest monsoon, but is still safe for pleasure yachts except when there is a typhoon in the area.

Marinas In Punta Fuego / Maya Maya

Punta Fuego Yacht Club

The Punta Fuego Yacht Club is located on the southern shore of the Punta Fuego peninsular and has a breakwater to protect the marina from southwesterly breezes. The Punta Fuego Yacht Club provides pontoon berths for members and for visitors. There is usually limited space for visiting yachts. Both sailing yachts and motor yachts are welcome but prior arrangement is recommended if you intend to use a pontoon berth.

The Punta Fuego Yacht Club marina is considered to be typhoon safe from the perspective of the wind, but the breakwater has been topped on occasions (causing damage to the pontoons) when a passing storm is generating a large southwesterly swell.

The Punta Fuego Yacht Club is an active sailing club and organizes a couple of regatta events each year during the northeast monsoon period. The yacht club is primarily a place for Club Punta Fuego home owners to keep their yachts. However, it is welcoming to visitors and offers a restaurant and accommodation. Club Punta Feugo homes are designed by/for the super-rich, so shore facilities are generally higher priced than most other places in the Philippines.

Visit the Punta Fuego Yacht Club website: www.clubpuntafuego.com.ph/yacht-club/

Maya Maya Marina

The Maya Maya marina is located about 1.5 miles ESE of Punta Fuego Yacht Club and is probably the prettiest marina in the Philippines. However, the marina is not a fully functional marina insomuch as there are very limited shore facilities unless by prior arrangement. This small marina is part of the former Maya Maya Yacht Club (currently inactive) and offers a dozen or so Mediterranean-style, stern-too moorings. Limited, basic facilities ashore.

The current challenge offered at this marina is the entrance channel, which has not been dredged for a number of years and only offers around two meters depth at high tide. However, once inside, the marina is considered typhoon safe.

Papaya Cove

If you want to haul-out for repair then the only place is at Papaya Yacht Charter Services ("PYCS") – about 3.5 miles NE of the Punta Fuego peninsular. PYCS has a travel-lift that can haul-out most pleasure yachts (except catamarans). There are plans to install some moorings and a small marina within the bay fronting PYCS but at the moment you can only anchor while waiting haul-out.

The hardstand can only accommodate a dozen of so yachts at a time so prior arrangement is essential. PYCS offers most services for yachts requiring repairs but they do not stock many materials so there is usually a wait of a day or two to have materials delivered from Metro Manila. Prior arrangements can be made so that a suitable stock of materials is available upon arrival.

There are currently only limited facilities available at PYCS for dining and other needs, so best to plan to bring your own unless you enjoy exploring local delicacies.

Visit the Papaya Yacht Charter Services website: www.pycsi.com

Anchoring In Punta Fuego / Maya Maya

Anchoring within the Punta Fuego / Maya Maya area is possible almost everywhere. During a northeast monsoon, particularly good anchorage will be found in the vicinity of the Maya Maya marina – sandy bottom, good holding, no obstructions, choose your preferred depth.

Another popular achorage is off Tali beach (see image at page top). Tali beach is located between the Punta Fuego and Maya Maya marinas and is quite sheltered except from the South. Good holding mostly on sand but there are a couple of shallow areas close to shore that are quite obvious.

While at anchor in most places it is common for fisherfolk to pass by, especially around breakfast time, offering fresh fish and lobster caught locally . . . with a little negotiation you can get a good feast for not too much money.

Transport In Punta Fuego / Maya Maya

There is no public transport around Punta Fuego / Maya Maya but hire cars or motorcycles can be arranged by the marinas and resorts in the area. About the only place you might want to go is to the town of Nasugbu, where there is a substantial fresh produce market and a modest, almost-supermarket.

There is a frequent and efficient air-conditioned bus service from Nasugbu town to Metro Manila and to Tagaytay – overlooking the dramatic Taal volcano and picturesque Taal Lake.

Nasugbu town is also the closest place where banks have ATMs that are connected to international networks and are usually working.


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