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For yacht charter and boat rental The Philippines is virgin territory, so renting a yacht can be a challenge. The main challenge is finding a yacht available, the second challenge is finding someone with sufficient information to help you discover the magnificent beauty of the islands.

Here at Philippine Yacht Charter we know the waters of the Philippines and we know the fun and or the fantastic places to go . . . not always the same place.

For example: Boracay can be fun and fantastic if you enjoy volumes of people but Sibuyan is fantastic but only really fun if you want to imbibe Mother Nature; Sibale is tranquility personified and so much biodiversity that you can exhaust yourself exploring, whereas Puerto Galera is pretty and alive but lacks the soul.

On the other hand: Marinduque is spectacular in parts for beauty and spectacular in parts for the results of Man's ignorance and greed.

Farther South there is so much more, but wait . . . you have not chosen your yacht to charter. Choose the yacht you want to rent and then decide what you want to discover in the Philippines. Then ask us to give you a hand.

You know what you want to do . . . do it now!

Bareboat Yacht Charter

Renting or chartering a yacht bareboat int he Philippines is a challenge today because current government regulations are in conflict with the development of bareboat yacht charter insomuch as a pleasure yacht, rented bareboat, has the same regulation as a 50,000 ton freighter, so yachts in this category are operated in the grey area of regulation where no comprehensive insurance is available. As a consequence, yacht owners frequently require a large cash deposit before allowing their yachts to be rented or, they will insist that at least one of their own crew be aboard for navigational guidance.

Crewed Yacht Charter

Renting a yacht with crew is much easier because insurance is available and regulations allow chartering for pleasure. The other advantage of crewed yacht charter is that you have first-hand information available about the places you may want to visit - just describe your ideal destination and the charter crew will take you to a place that matches your description.

Sailing Courses

There is little doubt that learning to sail in the Philippines is probably the most delightful sport learning experience anywhere in the World. Clean, warm water, sunshine palm fringed beaches . . . idyllic. Sailing courses can be tailored to your available time and the type of boat you want to learn to sail on: dinghy, beach catamaran, sport boat and cruising keel boat or catamaran. Within two weeks sailing courses can equip you with the basic knowledge that covers all aspects of the sport of sailing, including basic engine troubleshooting for the moments when the wind stops blowing.

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Cruising Resources

Before you make a final decision you want to get up to speed with our sailing cruise resources.


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