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Sailing Cruises In the Philippine Islands

Sailing cruises are available in many parts of the Philippine Islands complete with full or partial crew - from on-board chefs to kiteboard instructors. You can enjoy just sailing among the verdant islands or, you can: snorkel, freedive, scuba dive, kiteboard, paddleboard and dine on seafood you find along the way.


For yacht charter and boat rental the Philippine Islands are largely virgin territory. The main challenge is finding a yacht available, the second challenge is finding someone with sufficient information to help you discover the magnificent beauty of the islands in the way you imagined it.

Here at Philippine Yacht Charter we know the waters of the Philippines and we know the fun and or the fantastic places to go . . . not always the same place.

From Boracay, where the fun and fantastic pulse of man-made entertainments is enjoyed by volumes of people from all around the World to the adjacent islands of Romblon, reknowned for tranquility and fantastic adventures involving Mother Nature's bounty. From the party town of Puerto Galera to the majestic beauty of Busuanga and El Nido. From the islands of Cebu and the West Visayas; all the way to Surigao, down South to Mati and eventually to the expanse of the Davao Gulf.

Renting or chartering yacht for a sailing cruise around the Philippine Islands offers something that can be found nowhere else around the oceans of planet Earth.

Philippine Cruising Guide

Before you make a final decision you want to get up to speed with our Philippine Cruising Guide:


Sailing Courses Philippines

There is little doubt that learning to sail in the Philippines is probably the most delightful sport learning experience anywhere in the World. Clean, warm water, sunshine palm fringed beaches . . . idyllic. Sailing courses can be tailored to your available time and the type of boat you want to learn to sail on: dinghy, beach catamaran, sport boat and cruising keel boat or catamaran. Within two weeks sailing courses can equip you with the basic knowledge that covers all aspects of the sport of sailing, including basic engine troubleshooting for the moments when the wind stops blowing.

Boats For Sale Philippines

Ready to buy a boat in the Philippines? Here you will find a selection of recommended boats for sale in the Philippines: cruising yachts, cruising multihulls (catamarans and trimarans) and power boats.


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